Monday, July 10, 2006

Heelo. Or should i say "hello". My name is Declan Shalvey. Im a comic book artist by hobby, but soon by trade. I'm adventuring into the world of blog. Let's see if it works.


clamnuts said...

first venture into the world of spell checker you scrud.C'mon man spread the goodness and show the world your stuff. Then show them your comic art.

Dec said...

Spelling's for chups.
..See what i did there?
Now, lotsa stuff there for ya Byrne!

Toby said...

Welcome home. I managed to hold on to your card the whole convention and lost it on the way home, so I don't have your email. But thankfully you blog. I'm going to post it on every blog I find of yours so hopefully you'll get this. If you do, drop me a line at

-Cool American Chick

ps- I feel like I should have said something witty, but my brain hasn't caught up with me yet. Forgive me