Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey kids. Did something i've been dying to do for ages on Sunday and went to a life drawing class. It was great, i haven't attended a proper drawing class since art college, four years ago. Just to look at a real life model again and to try learn from it was a great experience, considering all the referance i get these days is from photos or 3D programs. They're great of course, but nothing beats the real thing. The teacher was giving pointers to others, which reminded me of all the techniques i've learned but am so used to now, i take for granted. When i concentrated on those techniques, i ended up doing bad drawings cuz i was forcing my drawing needlessly. It was cool to do a finished pencilled drawing too, with shading and everything. When i pencil a page, it's only basic information i put down, leaving the rendering for the inks, but it was refreshing to do a proper pencil drawing for once. I did some sketches and stuff, but i'm too lazy to scan today, so here's photos of the two 'finished' pieces i got done on the day.

An ink drawing. I was also testing out some new Pentel Colour brushes i got in London with some nice results.

And the pencil drawing. Even though it's shaded i can see how i still block different areas of shade, much like i do with my black and white work.



oopinky said...

i love life drawing...i really miss it havent done it in years me n will tried to go to a class but our attempts were foiled:) they r lovely pieces declan... really love them, especially the ink one...

Rich said...

Great work man, it's been 10yrs since I did some life drawing classes, just looking at your work makes me want to sign up again.I think I'll have alook around here for some classes, it might help loosen up abit, I feel my comic art is getting a bit stiff. I'm getting old.

Declan Shalvey said...

Aw thanks very much Laura, that's very sweet of you.
If ye get a chance again, totally go for it. The last class over here is on Sunday and i'm definately gonna do it again.

Rich, yes are getting old!

Rich said...

you evil bastard