Saturday, March 08, 2008


Was asked to do a 3 page story for the Tripwire annual by it's editor and all-round nice guy Joel Meadows. Thought i'd take the opportunity to do something set in modern day, with a crime element to it. Basically, have a go at a crime story. I love crime stories (hence my praise for Brubaker/Phillips' Criminal), but i've never actually drawn one. I also took the opportunity to make it a silent strip, inspired by Bob Byrne's achievement on his fantastic Mr. Amperduke. I tried to cram in as much story into the three pages as possible. Above is page one.

I should also mention that Joel's book Studio Space is available to order through Diamond. I can't wait for this to come out; it's got interviews with Brian Bolland, Frank Miller, Mike Mignola and the like. Make sure you order a copy!



Moondog said...

Great page Dec, I love this sort of stuff. Tblast from the gun looks like he just fited a ballistic missile at those suckers!

Dec said...

Yeah, it looked okay in the pencils, but in ink the blast looks a bit over the top. Ah well, what harm ...except for those fellas gettin shot, that is.

Moondog said...

That'll learn em

Clamnuts said...

love it. Silent all the way.