Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gangster/Zombie pages

These are the first pages produced for the zombie thing i've been harping on about. Got the script for the second Issue of Freak Show, so i'll have to get crackin on that and put this zombie thing back on the shelf for a few weeks again.

I've been using a lot of line on Freak Show. I've been using this Zombie project to play with heavy blacks, shadows and the like. Been taking out some linework in places to see how i feel about it, most noticably in the very first panel. Note that pretty much the only line is the horizon on the ocean, the rest is solid black. Really like the results so far. Decapatated zombie-head was fun to draw too.



Will Sliney said...

I like these alot. Go Go chiarascuro

Dec said...

Thanks sham

ruth said...

These are great, no insult to hero killers, but there is just no comparrison, the gap in quality is amazing. Well done chappy, more of this I say!