Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Started work on Freak Show #2

I found it funny that when drawing the first issue of Freak Show, i didn't get a chance to draw any of the main characters till the last couple of pages. On the other hand, the anticipation of drawing all the characters kept my interest high. Like in Batman Begins, you wait for ages to see Batman in costume and when you finally see him, it makes the reveal all the more satisfying. Anyhoo, i'm rambling. I just wanted to post this panel, it's not the first appearance of all the characters in issue 2, but it's the first panel i've drawn where they're all included. They are from left; Myles, Elizabeth, Jack (two characters appearing in this story) and at the end, Susan.

In other news, another review of Hero Killers is up on the Comic Book Resourses website. The reviewer compares my work to that of early Steve Rude work. I love Steve Rude's work, so i take that as a huge compliment.


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