Saturday, September 09, 2006

Process of a Comic Cover.

Hello there.
I've posted these pieces before, but since i've been getting a good responce to the last post, showing a cover step by step, i thought i'd repost them all together, including colours. I sent off the finished black and white piece to the writer of the comic, Dwight L. Mac Pherson, and he in turn sent it to the colourist. I had no idea what the colours were going to look like. It's odd to give up your baby for someone elso to finish raising it. I've been a good parent; i've raised all my boys and girls so far, but after seeing how someone else can do the job, i'd be more than happy to put my future kids up for adoption.

I've really stetched that analogy out as much as i possibly could have, haven't i?

Pretty sweet, huh? Many thanks to the colourist, Mike Dolce, who i'm sure you'll agree did a bang-up job.

That's all for now,

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Anonymous said...

Dwight Mac Pherson is a hack who swindles. You being paid for all your work on this? Your artwork is tight tho :)