Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Got a start on a short story for the next Your Round book, this one titled Stout. Since this is my book and i can do pretty much what i want, i decided to step up the loose, drybrush-heavy approach another bit. So much so, in this panel, the only time i used a pen was the facial hair and panel borders. The borders are even done freehand, rather than with a ruler. The great thing about having your own book is you can try techniques that you can't with work-for-hire stuff. Trying to not be too precious, and embrace any unexpected results. Drybrush can really backfire on you if you're not careful. Enjoying it so far, hopefully i won't mess it up.

Too much.



Rich said...

This is a really nice panel man, the dry brush works. I think it suites certain stories, it seems to give a different mood to a scene.
How many projects are you working on at the one time? You must be glued to your drawing board.

Dec said...

Hey Rich, yeah, pretty much chained to the board. $different projects, bacically, Frankenstein being the priority, then Freak Show, as they're the two main paying jobs. I do the other stuff when i get the chance.

PS, glad you like the drybrush.

David said...

You've started drawing without a script? It's true what they say about you Shalvey - you're some artist!

That other thing they say about you's true as well.

Dec said...

Heh. Just realised i said '$projects' instead of 4 in that last comment.

Yep Dave, i'm so good, i can draw a script before its sent to me. I'm that good.

What's the other thing they say.......?