Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Future Sketches.

Sketches for a futuristic thingy i'm working on on the side, which I shall elaborate on no further.

It's a good day when I can get a page of Freak Show pencilled and inked, Watch Big Brother's Big Mouth, and still have time to read a couple of scripts and get some concept work done.

Good day indeed.


Mike Exner III said...

I've been having a bunch of days like that myself, Dec. It DOES feel good to be productive and actually like what you're doing, doesn't it? I'm really digging the little sneak peeks. Hope to see more.

Dec said...

Thanks Mike,

Yeah, it's great to have a productive day where you can still have a chance to relax. Working ALL DAY is fine here and there to catch up on things, but its not humanly possible to do so day in and day out. I'll update this blog as much as possible. At the very least, once a week, but i'm aiming to have something up every 3 days or so.
Thanks for checking it out, and of course, commenting.