Saturday, August 12, 2006


As i may have mentioned, my first published comic is called Hero Killers, and is published by Moonface press. It's been picked up by Diamond, the only comics distributor, which is a huge achievement bt a small press book. Well, in order to promote it, Andy Winter, the writer, had launched a mini-website. There's links to both the hero Killers site and the Moonface Press sites in the links section on the left.
Check them out. If our roles were reversed, i'd check them out for you!
If childlike logic doesn't do it for you, then maybe credible reviews will. Below are links to comic book review sites, with their comments on Hero Killers, also review by Comics International, the UK's biggest comics magazine.

"Saint Inc. specialise in eliminating superheroes, but their latest case proves to be a challenge. Devilchild writer Andy Winter delivers a well-structured one-shot tale with shades of 2000AD's Zenith and the good bits of Mark Millar's Wanted. Declan Shalvey also impresses with dramatic and energetic art. 8 out of 10" ---Comics International


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