Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Hero Killers Review.

At Aint it Cool News;

Says some good things. My favourite, "the character designs and powers are pretty original and I’d hate to never see them again." Although i can't clain any credit for coming up with the powers, i had a lot of fun designing the characters. Worked hard at it too, so its great to read that people are appreciating them. I know it'd probably be possible to do a Hero Killers follow up, story-wise, but i just wouldn't have the time to draw it, which is a shame, cuz i'd really love to.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Dec
I'm liking your work, its just so . . . whats the word i'm looking for ? DIFFERENT ! and of course by different i mean CLASS !. I especially like the sneak preview. . who doesnt ? I'll file that under the "You aint see these Roight" category. Keep up the good work & of course the occasional sneak preview. looking forward to seeing more of your work.