Monday, August 28, 2006

Zombie Cover.

Cover sketch and pencils for the Zombie project i'm working on in my own time.
The cover's a riff on the poster for the classic movie The Untouchables.
Had a lot of fun drawing this, looking forward to inking it.

I swear, for someone who never drew a zombie til a few months ago, i sure have ended up having to draw a lot of 'em.


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J Cullen said...

Hi Declan,

Great stuff, your art has come such a long way since I last saw it...ooh...about nine years ago. I remember you used to draw stuff in a real Jim Lee-ish (from what I can recollect anyway) style back in the day, it seems you have now truly developed a style of your own which is great to see (I'm liking the obvious reference to The Untouchables too).

Congratulations on getting into the comics game, I had aspirations of doing the same but I think my heart lies in animation.

Anyhoo...I'm rambling, I'll look forward to viewing your future works.