Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yes, YOUR ROUND: TEQUILA is finally finished and off to the printers. Hopefully the book will be in print in time for Bristol, we'll just have to see. Posted here is the absolutely brilliant cover by my good friend James Hodgkins, who also did some design work on the book, the back cover, and a short story too. The book features a short story by my other good mate Bob Byrne, who bailed on me to be with his girlfriend after me flyin back to Dublin to see him and everythin'. Gay.
And me you ask? Well i drew the main story, a 12 pager called Hustle, and also did a 2 page strip, which you can see here as a little taster.


More updates soon.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yep, Your Round issue one; TEQUILA is nearly wrapped up. Some technical shennanigans must be involved now, but art-wise, the book is done. If all goes well, the book will see print in time for the Bristol convention in May.

I'll post the finished cover soon, it's a cracker.

Did a back-up story for it, on top of the 12 issue 'masterpiece' i finished recently. Here's a few panels...


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Andy Winter, writer of Hero Killers and the forthcoming Blood Psi recently asked me to do a cover for his next book, SEPTIC ISLE.

I really enjoyed doing the last cover for Andy, so i was more than happy to do another for his Moonface Press books. He's always very encouraging of whatever ideas i come up with.

In this case, since this book is a graphic novel, rather than a 20 or so paged comic book, i went a bit further with this design, utilising the back cover as well as the back. I wanted to have a striking front image, and bring in some story elements in the back, where the text/blurbs will be. The way i worked it out, when the image is folded over, the main character will be peering out at the viewer at either side.

Here's the front....

And the whole wraparound image...


My aforementioned book, Your Round will be out for the Bristol Comic Expo in May. Due to deadline problems Mike Collins will no longer be in the first book. Instead, my good friend James Hodgkins, who's inkwork has graced the pages of Lucifer, Batman, Jenny Sparks (and many more) is filling Mike's shoes.

The main story, 'Hustle' is illustrated my myself.

Here's the first page, to wet your appetite.


Saturday, April 07, 2007


A panel from my contribution to Your Round.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Was asked to do another Spider-man piece, that included his black costume somehow. So, i went with a shadowy piece, where he's wearing his traditional red and blue duds, but in his shadow, we can see the black costume.