Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here's another page from the Nightwing/ Catwoman sample i've been tinkering with in my spare time.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Posted today on the Forbidden Planet International Blog Log is an interview with myself, along with some preview pages of Frankenstein. Be sure to check it out, as i go into the whole process of creating a page, showing the preview pages in layout, pencil, ink and coloured stages.

What are you all still doing here? Go on, check it out now!


Monday, September 22, 2008


Hey kids, with Frankenstein out in two very short weeks (!) i thought it prudent to post a list of where i'm gonna be in the next couple of months in an effort to promote Frankenstein and some other books that are out or coming out over the next couple of months. They include....

FRANKENSTEIN from Classical Comics

FREAK SHOW from Atomic Diner


I'll be at the following;

October 4th-5th; Birmingham International Comics Show (launch of Frankenstein).
November 1st; Sub City Comics, Dublin (launch of the new Freak Show).
November 8th; Ennis Book Shop, Co. Clare.
November 15th; Though Bubble Festival, Leeds

November 22nd; Dublin City Comic Con (launch of Tim Skinner; Total Scumbag).

That's a busy end of year for the Decster.

I also just noticed a review for this year's Tripwire annual on the Down The Tubes Blog. It quite rightly paises the book and it's editor Joel Meadows for such a great publication. I was personally chuffed when my strip was mentioed specifically... "Declan Shalvey, whose No Witnesses is "silent strip" perfection in terms of storytelling."

Eat THAT Bob Byrne!


Saturday, September 20, 2008


A little sketch of something i'm working on. Wanted to try it out on some coloured parer and white pencil that Will Sliney got me for my birthday, ages ago.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo-yo.... Where's my yo-yo?

Fell sick this week the very day after i moved up to Dublin so not much on the work front i'm afraid, so thought i'd show this; a page from a Nightwing sample featuring Catwoman. I'll eventually post more pages.... eventually....


Friday, September 12, 2008


Ah childhood... bless....

This is the cover to the upcoming Irish Comics Anthology. Freak Show creator Rob Curley asked if i could contribute a story. I didn't have the time so he offered me the cover, which was nice of him. Didn't want to do a really 'twee' image, but wanted something 'irish.' Went for something kinda sentimental like this fella.

I really like it. I may be alone on this though.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Here's a recent piece i did for Beatnik Games that i'm quite happy with. It's for their debut video game, PLAIN SIGHT. Check out both the updated Beatnik Games website and the Plain Sight website. Hell, while yer at it, check out an early article by fellow comic book pro, PHONOGRAM scribe Kieron Gillen along with the trailer for the new game along with . It looks really spiffy, i must say!


Saturday, September 06, 2008


Another old panel from when i was getting started on Tim Skinner. I can't believe it's taken me a year to get back into it. Anyhoo, i left this panel as is except for a nice dramatic red. The first page I posted seemed to get a good response, even though it had no fancy rendering. Once i had a few pages done i decided i was going to leave the colours as flats. I love flat colour, and i'm colouring this book myself. When will i get another chance to have my work coloured like that? Probably never, so flat colour it is!


Friday, September 05, 2008


Answer; a few of my favourites, a story point, and a couple of obvious plugs. I posted the inks to this in August of two thousand and diggity seven here. Over a year ago! Jeez. Well, now since i'm trucking along well with Tim Skinner, i went back and coloured it, changing the cover of the front comic on photoshop. Added (and subtracted) some drybrush too.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm a very petty fella. For those who don't know, my good friend, my amigo if you will, Stephen Mooney has been kicking arse on his variant ANGEL covers for IDW. I was delighted for him, but also very jealous. Now he's drawing issues of the actual book, so imagine how happy for him/jealous of him i am! Having seen some of his great pages i've seen how he's been nailing likenesses, which are very, very hard to do. So i recently thought i'd see if i could do a decent enough job at ANGEL likenesses, just to test myself. Here are the varied results. First, the big man himself...

My very first try. Hmmm. Not bad, but not good enough really.

My second try. Kinda there; getting closer. Still not good enough though...

My third try. THAT'S more like it. Really happy with this one.

My fourth try. Yeah, i really like this one. I like the mood; the demon and soul of a vampire. Definitely the best of the bunch. Took me long enough!

Here's the other ANGEL characters i had a try at. Really happy with the Skip one, the Wesley one and the Lorne one. Cordie didn't come out too great, but Fred looks okay I think. In the end, i think it's safe to say Mooney deserves the job way more than i do...