Monday, June 30, 2008


Tá mé go mhaith, Buíochas le Dia.

The finished Irish language page.


Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is a panel from a one page strip i'm doing for a small Irish-language anthology. I'll put up the finished page once it's all done. It's about being in Irish class and the above panel is of the teacher. I tried to amalgamate lots of different teaches together in order to come up with his look, but he instead ended up looking like the Scatman!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is artwork for a badge that Andy Winter is making to promote Septic Isle's appearance in Previews. Andy wanted to use the cover art, but from the way i composed the cover, the face of the main character, Jacob Marley, wouldn't be seen properly on a badge (also, the top of his head didn't exist!) so i made this up with the original art, drawing in the top of his head in Photoshop with (gasp!) a wacom tablet. Turned out okay actually. Since it's only going to be a small image, i thought it best to keep the colours simple and graphic.


Friday, June 20, 2008


This is the second piece i did for Beatnik Games. I think the other image suited them better, but they seemed keen to have this idea fleshed out also. I'm quite happy with it; it's not as simplistic as the other piece (which is what i liked about that one) and has more involved drawing. Not sure which i prefer though.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I recently did a couple of pieces of artwork for the website of a video games company. Beatnik Games asked me to do a couple of pieces to use for their website in anticipation for their first project. I was more than delighted to contribute. Check out their site to see how they used the above piece.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Hey kids.

Seems there was some dodgy voting doing on with the War Heroes competition. Well, i guess that makes me feel a little better about getting 3% of the vote in my heat!

"Thanks to some observant readers and voters, it was brought to our attention at Wizard Universe that our polling system had a serious flaw that allowed people to vote multiple times for their choices in the War Heroes Cover Contest.

In the interests of fairness, we have eliminated this problem and will restart the voting."

So, if you don't mind me asking, could ye all revote .....please? Feel like a jerk for asking....




Saturday, June 14, 2008


Here's another Batman sketch i did at last weekends 2D Festival. thanks to Luke for scanning it and sending it onto me.


Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hey all,

The cover i posted last week made it through to the nominations stage. Do me a 'solid' and go the the Wizardworld site here, scroll down to Heat 2, entry F. That's me. Here's the image, just to be sure. The highest votes get thorough to the next satage so IF it gets through, i might be asking ye all to vote again. You don't need to log in, or an email, cust click for the one you like, ie, mine.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008


See what i did there? I'm a genius.

Anyway, last weekend was the 2D Festival, and it's safe to say i had a great time. First and foremost, i'd like to thank the organiser David Campbell for inviting me up and his partner in crime Ciaran Flannagan (and co) for lookin' after me, makin' sure i was fed (since i'm such a picky eater), etc. Thanks to Ciaran for some of these photos too.

A Stormtrooper and Leia with the bad-ass 2D Festival poster. Meant to rob me one of those but forgot.

Both myself and Transformers aficionado Nick Roche got a lift to Derry from Dublin by the ever generous Stephen Mooney and his soon-to-be-bride Jacintha O' Reilly, the only 'Skwah' of the con. It was quite the road-trip. Full of 80s nostalgia , geek-talk and Declan-bashing. We made it up to Derry in time for dinner, which was great. I must say, Derry was a beautiful city. Growing up in County Clare, The North was a different world to me and to meet folk up there was an eye-opening and brilliant experience. The city had a tremendous atmosphere that was steeped in history and i loved it. I'd go back in heartbeat.

Me post a tasty chicken sandwich, doin' some drawing.

Bob Byrne hard at work for once. Good old Luke F at the table and all ......good times.

Charlie Adlard hard at work, Simon Furman also busy, Nick Roche confused and Stephen Mooney pointing at the place he last saw his self respect.

Did some pretty decent sketches i must say. Was kept busy all day. As best i can remember, i did a USS Defiant, a Borg, a nameless girl superhero, a Riddler, a Catwoman, 3 Jokers, a Frankenstein monster, Sin City's Marv, Hellboy and about 15 Batmans! I've only got record of two of 'em. Here they are....

After a hard days work, we were treated to some dinner, then it was off to so the small press/indie panel with a whole host of folk, including Bob Byrne, Smallzone publisher Shane Chebsey and 20,000 League's Alan Nolan. Always a pleasure to see that man. A rare treat to see his hairy chest on the dancefloor, too ...apparently. The panel was good fun, offering me yet another platform to start my career in stand-up comedy, or at least mention the Eagle Award again.

A fun night was soon had by all, including many a shape being pulled on the dancefloor. You know who you are. Including me.

Thanks to everyone who came up and got a sketch, or bought a copy of Tequila, or asked about Frankenstein. Hopefully, i'll see ye next year!


Monday, June 09, 2008


Had a nice surprise waiting for me when i arrived back to Aderdeen this morning...

This is the cover to Comic Art Now, a new book by Dez Skinn i mentioned a few months back. Some artwork of mine is featured in the book along with great (and much more talented) artists like Michael Golden, Duncan Fegredo, Frank Cho, James Hodgkins, Mike Collins, D'Israeli, Neil Edwards, The Luna Brothers, Sean Phillips, Jon Haward, Andi Watson, Alex Ross, Simon Fraser, Laura Howell and Simon Bisley, with an introduction by Mark Millar. Order it here.

The Frankenstein test page i did before starting on the actual book. Colours by the wonderful and talented Lisa Jackson.

Spent the weekend at the Derry Festival, will have more on that tomorrow.


Thursday, June 05, 2008


Off to the 2D Festival in Derry for the weekend. Really looking forward to it. Not only has it great talents such as Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) and Jock (Losers, Green Arrow; Year One) but Tank Girl creator Alan C. Martin will be there with the book's current artist and Northern Ireland's finest, Rufus Dayglo.

The events organiser, David Campbell has invited a rake of us Irish folk up to bring a bit more emphasis on the amount of Irish talent there is these days, which is brilliant. I've only ever been to the North once before, to meet PJ Holden, in fact, back in the summer of 2000-and-diggity-3, so another trip up is well overdue.

I'm gonna be part of the small press panel (always remember your roots kids) on Saturday around 7pm so if you're nearby, do come and check out the show. And by me a Bulmers ....or Magners, since we'll be in the North.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


There was a recently announced competition to do a variant cover for Mark Millar and Tony Harris' War Heroes book. Thought i'd give it a go, so here it is....

And also, the black-and-white original piece...

There'll be a public vote as to who will make the final, and then the creators pick the actual winner, so i'll stick up the voting details once they're announced.