Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Shadow

Just a sketch today. Doing a commission of The Shadow, and did a rough to work it out. It's only a little doodle, but i really like it.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Freak Show inks.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


No, this isn't a petty way of mentioning the EAGLE AWARD again, this is a panel from a Freak Show page i finished today. It harkens back to a scene originally drawn by Stephen Thompson in Freak Show, Vol.1

Did i mention i won an Eagle Award by the way.......?

Last saturday, me and Rob Curley, Freak Show writer/creator did a signing in Aberdeen for Volume 2. Went quite well, did some decent sketches, and had a good auld night with Rob afterwards. Thankfully, no signing for me this weekend (don't think i'd have handled 4 in a row; 3 was just fine, thank you very much) but i do have one in Galway the week after Sat 9th of June) with Rob and Bob Byrne. Should be good fun, really looking forward to it.


Friday, May 25, 2007


Greetings All. No posts for the last week cuz Declan has been rather busy. Last saturday was the launch for my own self-published book; YOUR ROUND: TEQUILA. It arrived in Aberdeen on the Thursday, two days before the signing. YOUR ROUND is an anthology book based on drinking stories. It features stories by myself, Bob Byrne, James Hodgkins and Mike McLean. Jaysus, i must have gone on about this a rake of times already, you should all know bout this by now.

Bob Byrne, my on-off boyfriend came over to share the signing duties, bless him. We signed and sketched from 10 AM till 6PM. We were fairly knackered at this stage, and we were more than happy to stop. Unfortunately, we couldn't. We had a launch party to go to an hour later which included even more signing and sketching. Sigh. We finished up around 11PM!!! Christ, we were knackered. Still, i had a blast with the Bobster.

Oh yes, here's a 'Zombie Gambit' sketch i did for a girl at the signing.

My favourite bit was when i was sketching something for a fan and someone asked Bob if he was doing requets for sketches. He flatly responded 'No. Here, have this one.' And gave the guy a drawing he'd done 5 minutes beforehand. i reckon he was scared of someone askin for a Spider-man. In fact, i'm sure someone asked him for a superhero sketch, but sent 'em straight onto me. No bull, i must have done over 50 sketches that day. Another fun bit was a sketch request Bob made. To draw a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle. I'd say i hadn't drawn one in 10 years, and knocked one one out, lookin the same as i drew them back when i was a kid. But, the absolute highlight was a competition between me and Bob as to who could draw the best 'Zombie Care bear.' I lost, obviously, but it was a close race. Bob took a photo, i'll post it once he sends it to me.

Bob doing sketches at the launch.

Me and Bob, signing our lives away.......

Me, sketching with come issues of a great comic in front of him.

This weekend, tomorrow in fact, i've another signing. Robert Curley is coming over here to Aberdeen to do a Freak Show signing. So it'll be another weekend of sketching. etc for me.

Some people have weekends off........


Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hello all, this post is a whopper.

Last weekend was the Bristol Comic Expo. My first Bristol convention was in 2004, where i arrived with a portfolio and a bucket full of dreams. It went quite well, got some nice reception to my work and a lot of advice on how to improve it.

Cut to three years later, i have a job drawing comics, a lot of good friends in 'the biz' and an award nominated book under my belt

This years Bristol Expo was my first time attending as a 'pro.' This was first year where i was a guest, rather than a fan, so i was really looking forward to it. Obviously, there was the whole Eagle thing, so i was nervous about how that would pan out. I'd love to say i was sure we'd win it but in truth i had no idea, the competition seemed pretty stiff.

Well, i got to Bristol on Friday, and once i'd met up with my friends Pádraic and Will, some copious amounts of drinking took place. Which, was probably not a good idea considering the state of me the next day. Was great meeting up with everyone, including Andy Winter (Hero Killers writer), Stephen Mooney(former Freak Show artist who's moved onto bigger things) and his lovely fiancé Jackie, Rob and Brian (from Atomic Diner), John Hendrick and the Millarworld crew, Birmingham's favourite sons Ben, Andy and Shane, as well as Your Round collaborator James Hodgkins.

That night was the Eagle Awards. Myself and Andy had consoled ourselves to the fact we wouldn't win and predicted a FutureQuake win, just so we wouldn't get our hopes up. The dinner and preceeding awards were absolute torture. I was going quietly mad. The closer to the result we got, the more nervous I got. I just wanted to know the result, good or bad. Lot's of people came up to me at our table, wishing us look, which i really appreciated, even if it didn't seem like it at the time.

Then, the nominations list for our catagory. The strangest thing happened. When the Hero Killers nomination was announced, there was this big cheer from pretty much the whole room. I expected a cheer from my mates at the back (at the bar, of course) but lots of people who I don't know (and can only assume don't know me) were cheering for us, and then the next nomination was announced, followed by complete silence. I couldn't believe it. People really liked our little book. The comic i'd drawn in my bedroom in Limerick had just gotten a huge cheer. Wow. I was still in shock when Hero Killers was announced as the winner! Huh? What? Urm? Andy went mental. I was just in shock. We went up to the stage, still in shock. Andy said something to the crowd. Can't remember what he said, but it was quite lovely. All that was running through my head was "What'll i say?" Then it hit me; a mate of mine said something class in a 'thanks message' before. It read 'Thanks to everyone who helped, and to those who didn't? Thanks for nothin!' Thought that would be something funny to cap it off. Unfortunately, everyone was still applauding what Andy had said, so all the heard from me, was "THANKS FOR NOTHING".............

I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Declan Shalvey; Award winning asshole.

I soon brushed that off and had a blast that night, with a permanent grin on my face. Got back to the hostel at five in the morning. I didn't need drink that night, i was buzzing from the whole awards experience.

Sunday was great, was in much better shape to do sketches, did some really nice ones actually, caught up with some more people, got a lot of congratulations off a lot of people, which meant an awful lot to me. Had a very promising interview for future work. Got to finally catch up with David Bailie and spent a great evening with him, Joel Meadows and co., which included a fine steak for dinner.

Finally collapsed from lack of sleep, having had the best Bristol ever.

Here's some more photos....

David Bailie and Joel Meadows on a romantic nature stroll.

VikThing bringin' sexy back.

Ben McCool and i can't remember this lady's name, but she was very nice.

And this my friends, is what an Eagle Award for Favouritr British Black and White Comicbook 20006, looks like. No, not the Magners bottle, the silver thing.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who voted for mine and Andy's book. I am so absolutely chuffed. To get this award so early in my career has given me such a boost, and a drive do do the best work i can. I'd also like to thank everyone who wished us well, who congratulated us and a big thanks to the guys at our table for listening to us moan about how we weren't going to win.........

....guess we were wrong.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sancho, the Eagle Award nominated comicbook, brought to you by the good folk at 20,000Leagues have a new issue out soon. Issue 4 to be specific, with a cover done by yours truly.

I drew this as a present actually, just wanted to do something for them cuz they're just genuinely nice fellas. I did't think they'd put it in an issue, never mind use as a cover!

So i'm very flattered they got it coloured and decided to use it as the cover for issue 4.

Big thanks to Alan and Ian!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yep, In an article on this years Bristol Comic Expo in Meg 258 or this months Judge Dredd Megazine Hero Killers is mentioned as a book to look out for.

Very happy Tharg and his team thought Hero Killers was worth a mention.

And just in case you forgot what Hero Killers looks like, they printed an image of the cover. This one....


Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is a little late going up, but better late than never...

On the 26th of April, Robert Curley, creator/writer of Freak Show organised a launch for the 3rd Freak Show trade paperback, by himself, Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson in the Sugar Club, in Dublin. I managed to fly back for it, to sign with the above and Bob Byrne (my partner in crime on Your Round). Will Sliney, upcomming artist on Atomic Diner's Atomic Rocket Group 66 showed up, as did many fans and friends.

I was thrilled to be greeted by copies of Freak Show Vol.2 Chapter One! Was great to finally see an actual existing copy Of what i've been toiling over for the last few months, and it also made the trip to Dublim more worthwhile.

So, i'd just like to thank Rob for having me, and a big, extra thanks to everyone who showed up on the night and bought a copy.



Here's the two alternate covers, one by Sean Philips (Criminal, Marvel Zombies) and the other by Stephen Mooney (Angel, CSI)

And here's a photo of me signing/sketching. Note how i made my eyes glow red to go with my tie.

And here's a bunch of scumbags:

In the background, the handsome Stephen Mooney talking (or yelling?) across the photo at the lovely Jackie, the charming (when he sticks around) Bob Byrne, the witty(and pen-thieving) Stephen Thompson and the fat Declan Shalvey, ie, me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


You want details? Read the poster.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

YOUR ROUND all set for Bristol!

Howdy folks, just got confirmation that the TEQUILA issue will be in print in time for Bristol. Which is good news. Very good news.

There's also a launch party scheduled for the 19th of May, a week after Bristol in the BASSMENT in Aberdeen. Some of my story is set in the bar, so it's cool that the launch will take place there. Bob Byrne is making an appearance too, signing and sketchin in the bar with myself, after a day of the same in Asylum Books and Games.

In other news, i'm back on Freak Show after a little hiatus so i could get Your Round in gear.

Here's some pencils from page 1...