Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is a little late going up, but better late than never...

On the 26th of April, Robert Curley, creator/writer of Freak Show organised a launch for the 3rd Freak Show trade paperback, by himself, Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson in the Sugar Club, in Dublin. I managed to fly back for it, to sign with the above and Bob Byrne (my partner in crime on Your Round). Will Sliney, upcomming artist on Atomic Diner's Atomic Rocket Group 66 showed up, as did many fans and friends.

I was thrilled to be greeted by copies of Freak Show Vol.2 Chapter One! Was great to finally see an actual existing copy Of what i've been toiling over for the last few months, and it also made the trip to Dublim more worthwhile.

So, i'd just like to thank Rob for having me, and a big, extra thanks to everyone who showed up on the night and bought a copy.



Here's the two alternate covers, one by Sean Philips (Criminal, Marvel Zombies) and the other by Stephen Mooney (Angel, CSI)

And here's a photo of me signing/sketching. Note how i made my eyes glow red to go with my tie.

And here's a bunch of scumbags:

In the background, the handsome Stephen Mooney talking (or yelling?) across the photo at the lovely Jackie, the charming (when he sticks around) Bob Byrne, the witty(and pen-thieving) Stephen Thompson and the fat Declan Shalvey, ie, me.


Stephen Mooney said...

'Handsome' Stephen Mooney, eh? Dec, you old dog...

jacintha said...

so am I a lovely scumbag?? Nice pic....I'll have to repay the favour after bristol and do a blog with a pic of yourself!!

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, but make sure you get my good side, ie, the back of my head!

Out of all us scumbags, you madam, are the less scummy.

Wow, i really know how to complement a lady.......