Saturday, May 31, 2008


Someone asked if i had anything of note in my sketchbook, so i had a look and found this:

It's a quick pencil drawing i did on my last day in New York. It's worth mentioning how i got to do this sketch....

While in the 'Big Apple,' i was fortunate enough to meet accomplished Fine Art Painter Steven Assael. He showed me slides of his work over dinner and i was completely blown away. He was even kind enough to invite me to his studio, to have a look around, so of course, i made sure i did before i caught my flight home. Steven happened to be doing a painting class that very day, so not only did i get to have a look around, i also got to sit in on a portrait painting class. It was very humbling (and somewhat depressing) to see such incredible talent at work. Using a live model, he did a tonal portrait painting that took him about 30 mins, than after a break did another, full colour portrait in 30 mins again. He didn't do any preparatory drawings, didn't rough out the composition, made no construction lines of any kind. He just started painting, right off the bat. It was fantastic. I did the above sketch of the man at work because .......well ....i felt like i should be doing something.

Below are 2 photos of the tonal painting (my camera battery ran out before i could take photos of the full colour painting). Look away if you are artistically inclined; if not, you're gonna feel like a talentless hack....

The tonal painting half completed.

And the finished painting.

Again, these only took 30 mins, they weren't 'finished' to his usual standard, which was obvious after seeing his finished pieces all around his studio. Also, i saw some pencil drawing of astonishing quality. Some of which can be seen on his website. Do yourself a favour and have a look, therefore giving yourself a creative kick in the backside.


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Inks to a variant cover to Book 2 of Atomic Rocket Group.

I was asked by Atomic Rocket Group 66 creator Rob Curley to contribute to it's 2nd issue. Will Sliney drew all of issue one, along with most of the second issue, but it also has contributions by Dave O' Sullivan, Ciarán Finnegan and now myself. Along with a few pages i also did the above cover art.

Hope ye like. Colours soon.

In other news, Classical Comics first graphic novel, Henry V recently won a Silver Medal at the 2008 Independent Publishers Awards (the IPPY's) in the States. Click here for more. Congratulations to all involved, especially my editor and Classical Comics head-honcho Clive Bryant and colourists Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson who are currently colouring my work on Frankenstein.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I did some layouts for future stuff while on my break back home, but nothing really worth showing here, aside from some ink sketches i did. They're all completely done in brush (no pen for once). Some were even done without any pencilled construction lines. That's something i'd like to do more of actually, work directly onto the page with ink, rather than having to draw everything in pencil beforehand. They turned out quite well, actually. I was very much in a Batman mood, as you can probably tell. Note the Kingdom Come and Year 100 versions i even had a try at.

I've never really tried to properly draw Catwoman before. This is my first try. Again, a simple ink sketch, but it's a start.

I love Nightwing. He's like the Daredevil of the DC Universe, i think. You get to do Spiderman-esque poses since he's an acrobat, yet he's dark like Batman. Love that costume too.

Anyhoo, i'm now back at work in Aberdeen. Had an absolutely brilliant time at Stephen Mooney's stag-do stag over the weekend: Raiders, Mariokart, Indy 4, Dinner, Drink, Nitelink, Walking, Taxi, Drunken Mariokart and Drinking-All-Night-Till-Lunchtime-The-Next-Day

.......good times.

Hope to have some finished work up here soon and get back to the auld regular posting.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


I should have mentioned Andy Winter (Eagle Award winning writer of Hero Killers) unveiled his new book at the Bristol Expo a couple of weeks ago. It's gotten a rake of geat reviews so far (links below). It's a bloody great read and you can pick up a copy for yourself at

Interior artwork by Mick Trimble. Logo by Will Sliney. Wraparound cover by yours truly. I'm sure i posted the full colour and black and white art a few months back.

Review one, two, three, four.

There's also a new review of Hero Killers floating about. Read it here. It kindly says about me...

"I will certainly be interested in seeing his work develop, an artist who definitely has the potential to go places, in my humble opinion."

Hopefully, as i drew thew book 3 years ago, my curent work is far more developed.
And the 'places' i'm going to doesn't mean the dole office.....


Saturday, May 17, 2008


Had a brilliant time at the Bristol convention last weekend. It was great to catch up with my collegues at Classical and meet friends old and new. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and congratulated me on finishing the Frankenstein book and took an interest in the sample pages provided. I din't win ANOTHER Eagle. It went to David Aja, which is only right. Still, i've become power hungry since last year and need Eagle after Eagle to quensh my insatiable thirst. Hard luck to the Sancho lads and Bob Byrne too. Not a great awards night for the irish contingent, but a lot of fun anyway.

Still on my sabbattical back home in Co. Clare, but thought i'd post reminding folk of next month's 2D Festival. The folks running the festival were kind enough to inviote me this year and from what i heard of last year's festival, it looks to be a cracking weekend. Really looking forward to it. The festival's website has recently been updated, so go check it out. Tell 'em 'Duncan Shalev' sent ya......


Friday, May 02, 2008


Yep, as of today, my part of Frankenstein is now completed. Of course, the book still needs to be coloured and lettered, etc, but all the linework is finished. It's been roughly 9 months work and it's really weird to have it done, as i had been working on it for so long, sometimes it seemed like i'd never get to that final page. I can't wait til it's published and out in the world as my very first original graphic novel.

As it happens, there's a fully coloured and lettered 14 page preview up at the Classical Comics website in both Original and Quick texts. Check it out here. Above is the finished cover for the Plain Text version of the book.

Cue more blog silence, as i'm off to home to Ireland for a couple of weels, fitting in the Bristol convention this coming weekend.