Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I did some layouts for future stuff while on my break back home, but nothing really worth showing here, aside from some ink sketches i did. They're all completely done in brush (no pen for once). Some were even done without any pencilled construction lines. That's something i'd like to do more of actually, work directly onto the page with ink, rather than having to draw everything in pencil beforehand. They turned out quite well, actually. I was very much in a Batman mood, as you can probably tell. Note the Kingdom Come and Year 100 versions i even had a try at.

I've never really tried to properly draw Catwoman before. This is my first try. Again, a simple ink sketch, but it's a start.

I love Nightwing. He's like the Daredevil of the DC Universe, i think. You get to do Spiderman-esque poses since he's an acrobat, yet he's dark like Batman. Love that costume too.

Anyhoo, i'm now back at work in Aberdeen. Had an absolutely brilliant time at Stephen Mooney's stag-do stag over the weekend: Raiders, Mariokart, Indy 4, Dinner, Drink, Nitelink, Walking, Taxi, Drunken Mariokart and Drinking-All-Night-Till-Lunchtime-The-Next-Day

.......good times.

Hope to have some finished work up here soon and get back to the auld regular posting.



Will Sliney said...

Some really nice stuff here Dec. I especially like the Year 100 sketch

Stephen Mooney said...

Jaysis Dec, thats some good stuff. Lovely and loose, yet completely readable and solid. Cool stylistic decisions, very Paul Poe. Which is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Declan they are fantatsic
really they are.
I must bug you sometime for a Robin sketch!!

Bob Byrne said...

love them. I left a snot in your sketch book for you.

luke f said...

yeah nightwings deadly
he has the acrobatic crap as well as some cool batman-type gadgets to boot.
I`m liking that deadly looseish inking style you`ve used there.
any other sketches of that sort up your sleeve to show us?

Declan Shalvey said...

Cheers lads; appreciate the comments.

Laird, ask soon; i'm leaving Aberdeen in a month or so!

Bob, i know you did. I found it and ate it.

Thanks Luke .....eh lookin through the sketchbook, there's probably a couple of sketches that are blog-able. I'll post 'em soon. I keep meanin' to do a sketch a day to warm up before drawing, but always forget.


Kat Nicholson said...

Lovin' the look of these Dec!! especially the lineless feel to some of them, like you're really playing with the forms there ... s'great stuff! ^-^
.:Kat:. :)