Friday, May 02, 2008


Yep, as of today, my part of Frankenstein is now completed. Of course, the book still needs to be coloured and lettered, etc, but all the linework is finished. It's been roughly 9 months work and it's really weird to have it done, as i had been working on it for so long, sometimes it seemed like i'd never get to that final page. I can't wait til it's published and out in the world as my very first original graphic novel.

As it happens, there's a fully coloured and lettered 14 page preview up at the Classical Comics website in both Original and Quick texts. Check it out here. Above is the finished cover for the Plain Text version of the book.

Cue more blog silence, as i'm off to home to Ireland for a couple of weels, fitting in the Bristol convention this coming weekend.



Unknown said...

fair fecks on finishing and I can`t wait the see looks da bomb,as Vannila Ice would say.
why are you coming back to this slimy rock for?

Anonymous said...

woohoo congrats! have a cookie :)

See you at Bristol!

Stephen Mooney said...

....I miss you Dec

Rich said...

Congrats Dec, from what I've seen it should be a great looking book.
First pint is on me at Bristol.

Bob Byrne said...

Excellent!! Well done bro. Man they should move the logo down to the bottom, looks like Fwankie is saying 'Classical Comics' in a cute gay voice

Declan Shalvey said...

Cheers lads, it's great to have it done.
I'll take that cookie and i'll take that pint!
See most of ye in Bristol! ....Except you Mooney. I'm cutting you off from the Dec-ness til the end o' the month.

Unknown said...

Good to see you at Bristol and looking forward to seeing Frankenstein at last…