Sunday, July 17, 2011


Here's a cover I just finished for Rob Curley and Barry Keegan's League Of Volunteers. Issue 2 just came out but the book has been selling so well, they have to do another printing of the first issue. It's a lovely looking book, and it's great to see Rob expand the line of his Atomic Diner publishing line with this series, his Rósín Dubh series, and the upcoming Jennifer Wilde.

I think the last work I did for Rob was the cover to one of my Freak Show volumes. I'd like to think I've come on a bit since then.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Yep, issue 160 of T-Bolts is out today and is definitely by best issue to date. It's essentially the T-Bolts versus the Juggernaut, with some very destructive (and interesting) results.

This was so much fun to draw. Big, epic action and at one point, a sequence which was genuinely the most imaginative and challenging sequence I've ever had to draw. Really hope ye all pick it up.

Written by Jeff Parker, art my myself, and colours by Frank Martin. You can see a colour preview of the issue here.