Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hey all. There's an interview with Andy Winter (Hero Killers, Blood Psi) over on He talks about our new book, Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag as well as his latest graphic novella, Septic Isle. Should also mention that Septic Isle (art by Mick Trimble, cover by myself) has just come out in the States. Find out more at You can read said interview here.


Friday, November 28, 2008


Seeing as myself and Andy showed preview pages at the Dublin Con, i thought i'd show a couple of them here.

The following is 2 pages where Tim has landed in a very familiar part of the Comicverse ......if you're a 2000AD reader....

I packed the first page with as many gags and references as i possibly could. Hell, i've had work published in the Judge Dredd Megazine but i'll probably never get a go at actual 2000AD characters, so these few pages are probably the closest i'll ever get.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Another sketch from the Dublin con i did. Thanks to Wade for scanning it and sending it on.

Also, an interview i did for Comics Bulletin just went online here.


Monday, November 24, 2008


So very tired....

Last weekend was the afore mentioned Dublin City Comic Con and i had a bloody great time. It was great to see all the irish lads (except for Will of course), catch up with old mates and make some mates anew....

Myself and Andy Winter at our table during a quiet moment.

Great news was that we sold all the copies of Tim Skinner we had. Sold a few copies of Frankenstein too, but i was especially delighted with how many Tim Skinner copies went. Got some great feedback too, and a lot of people had seemed to have heard of it beforehand. We attended the 'Launch Pad' panel where we got to showcase the book a little which was a great opportunity so i'd like to thank the organisers John and Dave Hendrick for helping us push promote the book a little more, along with having me as a guest this year. Thanks also to everyone who came by and picked up a book, be it Frankenstein, Tim Skinner or even Blood Psi and Hero Killers, both of which sold out also.

Myself, Nick Roche and Stephen Thompson practicing our inevitable group model shoot for Playgirl magazine.

Fellow Eclectic Micks did well, Nick Roche seemed to never stop sketching and both Stephen Mooney and Thompson were banging out top-notch sketches. A Marvel panel also revealed an upcoming Fantastic Four short story featuring work from Thompson, so congratulations to him. The bastard.

I did a sketch or two over the weekend..... well ....actually i did much more than two in fact, but here's two examples of them. A Bizarro above, and a Bullseye below....

Must go. Need sleep and have lots of work to do....


Thursday, November 20, 2008


As i've mentioned before, this weekend is the Dublin City Comic Con. Featured guests this year include overseas talent like Adi Granov, Olivier Copiel, Jonathan Hickman, Matt Hollingsworth and Esad Ribic as well as two of my favourite artists, Tommy Lee Edwards and Michael Lark. Lets also not forget all the talented Eclectic Micks; Stephen Mooney, Stephen Thompson and Nick Roche.
Also recently added to the bill is new Marvel sensation David Lafuente and ....uh

I'll be at a couple of panels over the weekend:

On Saturday....

Independent Comics Panel Hosted By Liam Sharp.
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Featuring Stephen Mooney, Stephen Thompson, Nick Roche and Declan Shalvey talking about all aspects of working in the world of Independent comics. This panel is hosted by Mam Tor Editor in Chief Liam Sharp. Who recently published his first novel God killers and is the artist on 2008’s highest selling comic book, Gears of War from Wildstorm Productions.

And on Sunday myself and Andy Winter will be discussing and showing previews of new book Tim Skinner; Total Scumbag in the following panel...

Launch Pad Hosted by Johnathan Hickman.
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

This presentation is a spotlight on up and coming independent Irish Comic Books launching exclusively at this year’s Dublin City Comic Con. There’ll be a range of titles and creators talking about their respective releases. Hosted by Jonathan Hickman, writer and artist of the Nightly News, Pax Romana and architect of the new Marvel Universe Cross Over Event Secret Warriors. This is definitely one not to be missed.

There's a full list of all the panels here

I'll be at Andy's Moonface Press table as much as possible, come by to pick up a copy of Tim Skinner, Frankenstein or any of Andy's previous books, including some of the last remaining Hero Killers. Free sketch with every purchase.

Also, thanks to Joe at the Forbidden Planet International Blog for mentioning the con and Tim Skinner.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tim Skinner; Total Scumbag cover

Just heard from Andy Winter that copies of our new collaboration Tim Skinner; Total Scumbag has come back from the printers so we're all set for the Dublin City Comic Con this weekend. Of course, i'll have copies of Frankenstein on hand and i hope everyone gets one, but i'm really looking forward to seeing the reaction to Tim Skinner. Myself and Andy really wanted to do something together again, especially after the success of Hero Killers and i honestly think this is one of the best things either of us have done. From the back cover blurb:

"Soon after Tim Skinner inherited his grandfather's old comic book collection he discovered something extraordinary - it was magic and by making a simple wish he could step into the pages of any of the fabulous four-colour fantasies his heart desired. He could hang out with cowboys, futuristic robots or whingeing adolescent mutants.

Unfortunately, Tim is a loathsome piece of garbage and instead of enjoying fun and frolics in a universe of action and adventure he brutalises and exploits his comic-book chums for his own nefarious ends.

Truly, Tim Skinner is a total scumbag!"

Page one of Tim Skinner; Total Scumbag

I don't mind showing the first lettered page of the book, as i posted the inks about a year ago! I've said this elsewhere, but when i read Andy's script i was blown away with how sharp and funny it was. Plus, it was a nice change of pace from classical adaptations. Another big reason for doing it was that Andy was keen on doing a book in full-colour; that would mean i could finally have a go at colouring my own work. Obviously, Frankenstein is my first work that has been published in colour but i'm sure you'll notice a dramatic difference in how that was coloured and how this book has been coloured. I finally had a chance to do my own work in flat colour. Who's to say i'll ever get that chance again? Anyway, from all my rantings i'm sure you can tell how happy i am with this project and how i hope all who read this blog pick up a copy at the Dublin con, or order in through Diamond in a month or so.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Did this sketch of the Director from Freak Show at the Sub-City comic shop a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to David for sending the scan.


Friday, November 14, 2008


I forgot to mention that when i got to the signing back in Ennis, there were copies of the new Irish-language comic that i did a page for ages ago called Rí-Rá

Cover to Rí-Rá by Aidan Courtney

The comic in question is a free #0 sample and it turned out great. Aidan Courtney, the editor, has compiled the comic in an effort to establish an ongoing anthology Irish language comic much in the same vein as European comics in France, Belgium, etc. The sample has work from top European cartoonist Dab, along with Irish creators like Bob Byrne, Alan Nolan, Ian Whealan and myself.

"Níl," the one-page strip i did for Rí-Rá.

Special mention must go to fello Ennis creators, writer Mike Lynch and artist John Cullen who also contributed a story. Here's a little known fact; i used to deliver gas and briquettes to Mike in my days as a coalman and i used to be in art class with John back in my days in the CBS (Christian Brothers School)....... good times....

Rí-Rá will be available at the Dublin City Comic Con in just over a weeks time. Be sure to pick up a copy.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Not a lot of drawing done of late, but a lot of publicity. As i mentioned in the last post i had a signing in my home town over the weekend and it went really well. Sold about 60 copies of Frankenstein, It was a great turnout and a great day. Big thanks to everyone who turned up and an extra-big thanks to all the friends and family who showed up too. The radio interview seemed to go well and i got a mention (and photo) in the local paper, The Clare Champion.

Gaze upon the face of beauty!

Also, my interview with Liam and Craig of The Comic Cast went up today. Have a listen. I say 'eh' and 'y'know' a lot. Other than that, it's quite funny (and hopefully a little insightful).


P.S. Do yourself a favour and listen to the track at the end of the interview. It's a band called Fugazi. Consider it part of your punk education kids!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Here's the 3rd page of Sweeney Todd. I don't mind showing these pages as they're a good set of intro pages, without giving any of the story away. I think that's all the Todd i'll be showing for a while.

In other news, i'm doing a signing in my home town this Saturday from 3pm, in the Ennis Book Shop. Really looking forward to it. It'll be nice to show folks from home i've done something with my life, or, alternatively prove that i actually haven't. I'll be discussing the book tomorrow morning sometime between 10 and 11am on Clare FM (95.9 & 96.6 FM if you live in the Banner County). You can listen online off their website.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Thought i'd show the second page of Sweeney Todd, so you can get a better look at the man.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


I've already posted the layouts and pencils to this page, so i thought i'd post the finished inks too.

Also, there's a new review of Frankenstein online. Check it out here.