Friday, June 29, 2007



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello all. Some might remember, months ago, i mentioned i was working on a Freak Show short story. If not, just click here. I didn't want to elaborate at the time, but it was a short story for the small press section of the JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE. Well, i can now announce that said story will be published in this month's issue, Meg 260, out tomorrow. The story is basically a prequel to the ongoing Freak Show series, featuring Jack in a solo adventure.

I hope it'll stand out as one of the better small press stories that have featured in the Meg. In any case, it'll be great to follow in the footsteps of Bob Byrne and the Sancho boys. Above, is the meg cover, available in your local comic shop, WH Smith, etc. To all my Irish friends; Go to Easons.

Below is the first page of the story...


Monday, June 25, 2007


A commission of the Frenchman character from 'The Boys'


Sunday, June 24, 2007


A new commission. Quite enjoyed this one actually. Wasn't sure how i was gonna depict him, but ended up with an interesting pose, and got to playaround with some drybrush.

Very happy with the results.


Saturday, June 23, 2007


Your Round: Tequila is now available to buy online, like i just said in the title.
For those who don't know, Your Round, is a new anthology series (created by myself, thankyouvewymuch) of pub stories, and sure who doesn't like pub stories?. The first issue; Tequila, is filled with highly entertaining pub stories written and illustrated by shameless Bob Byrne and very lovely James Hodgkins and of course, myself. It is now available to buy via the Asylum Books and Games website, just click here



Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here's the finished inks to the last panel i posted. I noticed i never drew any feet for the onlookers to the left of the pick-up truck, so i fixed that in the inks, as well as simplifying some background faces. I could have inked every last bit of detail, but sometimes what you leave out is as important as what you leave in.

Still not sure if i should have filled in the writing on the banner (top of panel) in black. I went with leaving it open in the end. Don't thonk it makes much of a difference in the end.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Howdy. Here's some pencils for a panel of Freak Show. I consider these finished. Since i ink my own work, i don't really need the pencils to be ridiculously tight. This is as detailed as it needs to be, because i may still change things in the inks.

This is earlier, when i was underway with tightening the pencils, and adding more details.

And here is the initial rough pencils i did. Here, i've worked out the perspective and more importantly; the composition, which can be the hardest part of sequential storytelling. Working out the best way to compose an image is a key part of telling a story with images.


Did this commission today. Pretty happy with it. It's a portrait, but not a traditional headshot. If i'm doin' a portrait, i try to depict someone's personality rather than just draw their face.

Hopefully, the girl in question will be happy with it.


Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is an unfinished panel, but most of the work is done. At this stage, i will have figured out exactly where i'll place my blacks so i get my pens and go over all the linework on the page. In the end, it looks like this.

Next, i take my ink and brush and fill in the blacks; my favourite part. Once i work on my blacks it feels like the page starts to 'pop', whereas before the page looks more like a map to me.

Anyway, to see the finished panel, buy the next issue of Freak Show you cheapskates!!!

....whenever it comes out, that is.


Saturday, June 16, 2007


A couple of panels from the next chapter of Freak Show.


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hello all, just back to Aberdeen today after a brief Irish excursion. Did a signing in Galway with FREAK SHOW writer Rob Curley and my collaborator in all things offensive, Bob Byrne. Seriously, on the train from Dublin to Galway, me and Bob were doodling, and between us we came up with some pretty messed up stuff; not fit for public consumption. The signing was admittedly a bit slow, but i'm told that was down to the obscenely glorious sunshine that reigned down on Galway that day. Man, i had a lot of ice cream that day, i can tell yeh......

The rest of the week entailed visiting friends and family, except for Will Sliney.
I pretty much met up with everyone else.
Yep, except Will Sliney.

Also got to hang out with "The MoonDog" and co. at his studio too, and finally got to see Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time, which was sweet.

All in all, a good week.

In summary, i'd like to thank both Rob and Brian Curley, who invited me and Bob to Galway, and put us up too. Would also like to thank everyone who came to the signing, picked up a book and got a sketch

...............including my mammy.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


Finished this last night; another comission. I'd never drawn Doctor Strange properly before, so this was a lot of fun to do. Off to Ireland today, to do a signing in Sub City in Galway this saturday from 12 O'Clock. Come if you dare! Looking forward to a few days home and seeing friends. Probably no posts for a week.

Later, as the kids say,


Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Feels good. Andy Winter (Hero Killers writer) just sent me this. Makes it official. Also, all the work i've done over the last few days ain't up for public consumption yet, so i might as well post somethin.


Saturday, June 02, 2007


Here's the finished Shadow commission. Since i liked the original sketch so much, i magnified it and lighboxed it onto the artboard. I wanted to keep the image looking 'fresh'. Sometines when you re-draw an image it looks stale, or just not as exciting as the sketch. So by lightboxing the sketch instead of re-drawing it, i thing i manages to keep it feeling loose, while still having a finished piece.


This is a commission i did yesterday, but when scanning, i just couldn't register the scans together right, so, pissed off, i fecked off home and scanned it this mornin' instead. Well, that was more information than you needed to know. Come back soon for more ramblings kiddies.