Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello all. Some might remember, months ago, i mentioned i was working on a Freak Show short story. If not, just click here. I didn't want to elaborate at the time, but it was a short story for the small press section of the JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE. Well, i can now announce that said story will be published in this month's issue, Meg 260, out tomorrow. The story is basically a prequel to the ongoing Freak Show series, featuring Jack in a solo adventure.

I hope it'll stand out as one of the better small press stories that have featured in the Meg. In any case, it'll be great to follow in the footsteps of Bob Byrne and the Sancho boys. Above, is the meg cover, available in your local comic shop, WH Smith, etc. To all my Irish friends; Go to Easons.

Below is the first page of the story...



Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing this Dec - shall pick it up in town tomorrow or Saturday. Congrats!

Will Sliney said...

Woo, nice one Dec. Ill be picking that up today

Declan Shalvey said...

Nice one Will,

Thanks Andy, Hero Killers gets a good mention too. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Well done Dec -- it looks great, knew nothing about it until I was in Easons last night.

Loved the editorial comment about the price of the champagne you bought!


Unknown said...

Read it this morning - a cracking story with a clever twist.