Thursday, May 22, 2008


I should have mentioned Andy Winter (Eagle Award winning writer of Hero Killers) unveiled his new book at the Bristol Expo a couple of weeks ago. It's gotten a rake of geat reviews so far (links below). It's a bloody great read and you can pick up a copy for yourself at

Interior artwork by Mick Trimble. Logo by Will Sliney. Wraparound cover by yours truly. I'm sure i posted the full colour and black and white art a few months back.

Review one, two, three, four.

There's also a new review of Hero Killers floating about. Read it here. It kindly says about me...

"I will certainly be interested in seeing his work develop, an artist who definitely has the potential to go places, in my humble opinion."

Hopefully, as i drew thew book 3 years ago, my curent work is far more developed.
And the 'places' i'm going to doesn't mean the dole office.....



Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug, Dec. Diamond won't be distributing the book (it isn't right for the American market, apparently!), but people can still get it through the website:

Hope you're well.


Declan Shalvey said...

No worries Andy.

I edited the post to include the website. Really sorry to hear Diamond haven't picked it up tho. Lousy. Maybe Tim Skinner though, eh?


Unknown said...

Unless they reckon Tim Skinner will get us and them sued, I'm sure Diamond will pick it up! :-)

jamie said...

it's a right fucking liberty that diamond have passed on septic isle,
>insert strongest possible swear word here<
still,it just goes to show what a bunch of ***** they are.

Stephen Mooney said...

Still love that cover Dec. Looks to be a great book all round.