Tuesday, May 29, 2007


No, this isn't a petty way of mentioning the EAGLE AWARD again, this is a panel from a Freak Show page i finished today. It harkens back to a scene originally drawn by Stephen Thompson in Freak Show, Vol.1

Did i mention i won an Eagle Award by the way.......?

Last saturday, me and Rob Curley, Freak Show writer/creator did a signing in Aberdeen for Volume 2. Went quite well, did some decent sketches, and had a good auld night with Rob afterwards. Thankfully, no signing for me this weekend (don't think i'd have handled 4 in a row; 3 was just fine, thank you very much) but i do have one in Galway the week after Sat 9th of June) with Rob and Bob Byrne. Should be good fun, really looking forward to it.


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