Monday, June 09, 2008


Had a nice surprise waiting for me when i arrived back to Aderdeen this morning...

This is the cover to Comic Art Now, a new book by Dez Skinn i mentioned a few months back. Some artwork of mine is featured in the book along with great (and much more talented) artists like Michael Golden, Duncan Fegredo, Frank Cho, James Hodgkins, Mike Collins, D'Israeli, Neil Edwards, The Luna Brothers, Sean Phillips, Jon Haward, Andi Watson, Alex Ross, Simon Fraser, Laura Howell and Simon Bisley, with an introduction by Mark Millar. Order it here.

The Frankenstein test page i did before starting on the actual book. Colours by the wonderful and talented Lisa Jackson.

Spent the weekend at the Derry Festival, will have more on that tomorrow.



jamie said...

i saw that book in waterstones,your artwork lept off the page.
so that page won't be in the finished book,then?

Bob Byrne said...

Boo-ya!! man that's brilliant, really proud of ya kiddo

Stephen Mooney said...

I'll be picking that bad-boy up