Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Posted today on the Forbidden Planet International Blog Log is an interview with myself, along with some preview pages of Frankenstein. Be sure to check it out, as i go into the whole process of creating a page, showing the preview pages in layout, pencil, ink and coloured stages.

What are you all still doing here? Go on, check it out now!



Rich said...

It's great to see the Frankinstein
graphic novel, (and you), getting the attention it deserves. Should be a huge hit for you, congrats.

By the way, my blogs back up and running drop by sometime. Later

Anonymous said...

done it!
amazing and dislike pencil work!? sounds strange to me cause i love the way you do it first you add ink!
you great declan


Stephen Mooney said...

Heh.... 'Blog Log'

Colm Keegan said...

I've just read your interview there. Very very interesting to hear how you work. I'm impressed as well by how much you upped your game when the time came to go pro! Congrats on the book man. It's a great piece of work. Frankenstein is one of my favourite protagonists ever.

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah thanks very much man, that's real nice o' you to say. Well, i THINK i upped my game, it's not really for *me* to say. Hopefully anyone who reads it will think so.

Way to add an intelligent contribution Mooney!

Anonymous said...

I picked up the new Freakshow today.
Nazi monkies,intrigue,suspense,red!

Rich said...

Hey Dec you owe me a pint I've just gone and promoted Frankenstein on my blog.