Friday, September 12, 2008


Ah childhood... bless....

This is the cover to the upcoming Irish Comics Anthology. Freak Show creator Rob Curley asked if i could contribute a story. I didn't have the time so he offered me the cover, which was nice of him. Didn't want to do a really 'twee' image, but wanted something 'irish.' Went for something kinda sentimental like this fella.

I really like it. I may be alone on this though.



luke f said...

that`s deadly!
really liking your use of colours over the last few posts.
Is this just photoshop again or whaaa?

Anonymous said...

great image dec ,makes you smile straight away..:-)

finnegandraws said...

Nicely done lad! Love the colours (reminds me of Hokusai type stuff). And congrats on Sweeney Todd too