Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Freak Show Cover

Hello, me again. After gettin' Issue 2 of Freak Show done, i wanted to do a Freak Show poster. With Sean Philips and Stephen Mooney doing the covers, i wanted to play around and see what i could come up with. Keeping with how FS covers have been colloured previously, i decided to use duller tones, and not have any bright colours that would stand out too much. So here's the original art and the coloured version.

I like how there's no rendering, just flat, moody colour. I also went with colouring the background chatacters in greys, with a bloody-red behind them, keeping with the noir feel of the book.

This won't be a Freak Show cover, but it nice to have something i've done to sell it a bit, especially with the Birmingham convention on this weekend.


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