Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I was talking to fellow irish arist Stephen Thompson a while back bout all the referance he has been doing for his new Star Trek book with IDW. The conversation totally re-awakened all the nerdy Trek information stored in my brain since childhood, so i thought i'd put all that information to good use and draw some Star Trek pages. I went with Deep Space Nine, as i haven't seen any DS9 comics of late, and if i had to pick a series to draw, it'd be DS9, cuz it was bad-ass. Man, i loved that show. Don't get me wrong, The Next Generation will always have a special place in my heart, as Captain Picard practically raised me, but DS9 had a darker tone, which is what really appealed to me as i went through my teens. Also, i think the darker setting of DS9 suits my work better.

Forgive the rant .......I'm such a nerd.



Rich said...

These have to be some of the best pages I've seen of yours Dec. Brilliant stuff.
I always liked DS9, it was far better than Voyager or Enterprise.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Not a big star trek fan, however I did watch deep space nine with my pa on Monday nights, back in the day when network 2 showed tons of sci-fi! Remember the first wave oh and tombstone...loved that show! Kick ass! Kick ass pages too btw! I love the way you just threw them together no reason, just putting your ds9 memories to use! Great work man, very jealous!!!!

jamie said...

spot-on likenesses,technically accurate,and some damn fine story-telling.
i'm really starting to hate you.

Bob Byrne said...

Brilliant work pal. Love those star clusters. You just mask that shit off and then spray it with a toothbrush?

Have to admit that me and Poncho loved DS9 too. Next Gen is gay, voyager is gay, queer as folk is really gay.

Stephen Mooney said...

Next Gen 'gay'? Easily the best Trek show. Besides the original, and possibly even better than that.

Will Sliney said...

Nice work Dec, stellar stuff

jamie said...

but what was with the biege carpet and all that navel-gazing?
and they stopped troi wearing short skirts,too.

David Ferguson said...

DS9 is easily the best of the bunch. Have been watching B5 on DVD lately but I may have to get back to Sisko and co.

(The DVDs are getting to the right price for me to start rewatching it too)

Great work.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys! Really happy with these pages, glad ye like 'em.

Bob, i didn't mask anything off. I did the linework and the black for the space areas, then used a toothbrush in places, along with taking a brush and hitting it against another brush. That way you get great random-looking stars, rather than a uniform-looking space. In the end, i went back and filled in all the normal black areas.

Next Gen was fantastic. Best Trek series. Loved that stuff growing up, great moral stories for my young impressional mind. DS9 on the other hand, was arguably a better series in general, but less of a Trek series.

Next Gen went a little downhill in it's final season. The drop in quality can be seen when Troi changed out of her 'councillor' outfit and into the standard Starfleet uniform.

Declan has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, just brilliant. DS9 was the business, especially seasons 4 to 7, although the final episode was a bit disappointing. I like that it left us with the sense that their loves were continuing - great bunch of characters. Pity they messed it up with everything they did afterwards. Sisko's definitely the best Trek captain!

Anonymous said...

That's some amazing stuff - clearly the work of a DS9 fan (which is important). I loved the show. Other than the original series I think it's the Trek iteration I have the most fondness for. TNG had Paddy Stewart, but DS9 was far more consistent in tone.

Anonymous said...

Oh and remember, Sisko with beard and bald head = good. Sisko without beard but with hair = a bit shaky.

Same goes for Ryker's beard in TNG.