Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This weekend is the 2D Festival, but i've no images regarding it, so here's a detail from this weeks's Tuesdec drawing for the Eclectic Micks blog. Go look.

Yeah, there won't be any post for a few days as i'm off to this year's 2D Festival tomorrow to do some workshops ahead of the main day itself.

For those not in the know, 2D is a completely free event offering free admission to workshops and panels about comics and an open day with a host of comic book creator talent. I can't recommend it enough; and it's free dammit; FREE! Guests this year include seasoned pros like Bryan Talbot, David Lloyd, Liam Sharp, Glen Fabry and Will Simpson, along with some of the UKs best talent like Andie Tong, D'isreali, PJ Holden and Rufus Dayglo. Of course, The South will be well represented by Nick Roche, myself, Stephen Mooney and Will Sliney, who appears hot off the heels of his new Farscape series. Us Micks will actually have a panel of our own on Friday night; Homegrown Heroes at 8pm in Sandinos bar. Do come, and see how anything i have to say will be drowned out by all the other dicks. I mean.... Micks.

For lots more info, be sure to visit the 2D website here.

Hope to see ye all there.



Stephen Mooney said...

heh... we are dicks.

David Ferguson said...

Have a great time in Derry. Can't make it to this convention. Hopefully, I'll see some of the Micks at a Dublin con later in the year.

Lisa said...

Now that you're back from Derry I wanna see more posts. The Ball Park stuff is great by the by.

Illyria looks powerful but cute.

Stephen Mooney said...

Like Thompson?

Hilbo said...

Hey Declan, if you are heading to the next comic jam I hope to see you there and actually chat properly to you - Derry was great wasn't it?...but I'm sure I burbled something at you as opposed to having an actual conversation! oh well.

Declan Shalvey said...

David; you missed a great weekend.

Lisa; Derry report is in the works.

Hilbo; i will most likely be at the Dub Comics Jam, unless i'm behind on my pages. Chat to ya then.