Friday, September 11, 2009


Just saw a big preview for 28 Days Later #2 just went online on Comic Book Resources. The issue is out next week. Didn't realize it would be out so soon. Check it out. First 3 pages below...


Gio said...

Great stuff dec, really gritty looking. Loving the elevator shot, really glad to get this little bit its been a nightmare for me trying to get hold of a copy, any site I find with it is either american or won't accept my card!! And derrys comic book store blows!!

jamie said...

you're a fucking genius,dec.

Declan Shalvey said...

And you're fucking crazy Jamie, but thanks all the same.

Hey Gio, thanks a lot man. In fairness to your local comic shop, they're not gonna know how much of any comic they're gonna sell, so unless you tell them you want it they're not likely to order it.

Glad you like the elevator shot; spent a while planning out that bad boy. Surprised they showed so much of the issue; nearly half of it!

HellBlazerRaiser said...

I read #2 this evening and you are just killing on this book!!!

28 DAYS LATER.... traumatized me when I first saw it (four times) in the theaters and you are capturing the feel of the films perfectly.

I had knots in my stomach as I read #2.

Declan Shalvey said...

Aw thanks man; i really appreciate it!

You never know what reaction the reader actually has, so it's great to get feedback like this.

If you liked #2, i quarantee you'll love #3.