Sunday, February 21, 2010


Good news everyone! Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag, the one-shot story by the Eagle Award winning team of Andy Winter and myself is available to download for free. I'm delighted about this; the one shot went down a storm at the last Dublin con in 2008 and Andy quickly sold out of his limited-print run. Then, unfortunately Diamond wouldn't take it so we had no way to get it into comic shops, meaning nobody else could read it. Now you, yes YOU can read the whole story for free.

From Andy's website...

"Soon after Tim Skinner inherited his grandfather's old comic-book collection he discovered something extraordinary - it was magic, and by making a simple wish he could step into the pages of any of the fabulous four-colour fantasies his heart desired. He could hang out with cowboys, futuristic robots or whiny adolescent mutants.

Unfortunately, Tim is a loathsome piece of garbage and instead of enjoying fun and frolics in a universe of action and adventure, he brutalizes and exploits his comic-book chums for his own nefarious ends. Truly, Tim Skinner is a total scumbag!"

Praise for Tim Skinner...

"Fucking hilarious!" - Jonathan Hickman, writer, Fantastic Four

"Delightfully, incredibly, enjoyably sick. Oh, I liked it." - Joe Gordon, Forbidden Planet blog

“Tim Skinner [is] a very self-referential, up-its-own-arse comic that I was destined to love. Even The Boys gets a good shoeing over with hilarious consequences.” - Rich Johnston,

"I don’t laugh out loud often, but I laughed out loud at this." - Regie Rigby,

Tim Skinner holds a very special place in my heart. I'd been doing comics as a paying job for about a year and when Andy sent me the script I knew i HAD to draw it, even though it was a non-paying gig. It was also an opportunity to colour my own book; something that i really wanted to try. I truly did it for the art, and not the money.

PLEASE download it here. If you like comics and you have a sense of humour, you will enjoy it. Eh... or your money back.

The drawing holds up for the most part (i drew it nearly 2 years ago), but the best thing by far is the bloody hilarious script by Andy Winter. It should be read by as many people as possible. Thank you Mr. Internet!

So download it. Be sure to let me or Andy know what you thought of it.



Mike Exner III said...

And now we all know where that gunshot image came from. That was hilarious, Dec. Must have been an absolute blast to draw as well. You and Winter make a great team.

Stephen Mooney said...

Hmm, I'm not quite sold. You need to sweeten the deal a tad more, how much will you pay me to read it?

David Ferguson said...

I have the actual comic. It's hilarious. Loved the page with the robots.

jamie said...

those narrow-minded,short-sighted chimps at diamond can stick it up thier arses.
it was a crime that this book never got the promotion it deserves.

Michael Grant Clark said...

That was ace, and only 32 meg. Cheap at the price :)>