Monday, March 08, 2010

28 DAYS LATER SPREAD [process]

Below is a double-page spread from 28 Days Later #6. If you haven't read it yet, it's best you not read this post.

As a way of saving time, i've recently stopped scanning my pencils, so i thought since #6 is still relatively new, i'd post a stage-by-stage version of this spread. I've explained how i work ad nauseum at this stage, so i'll skip the monologue this time and just show ye the layouts, pancils and finished inks of this page. Hell, i'll put up Nick Filardi's colours while i'm at it.


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Sheesh, how long from pencils to inks on this mate? Corky the Cat :)

Stephen Mooney said...


Gio said...

Glad to see another process piece, I thought we had seen the last of them a few months back! Lovely piece, your inking has a real "viciousness" to it with really adds to the feeling of the scene!

Leigh G said...

Baah...I wish Pat would write me some bloody double spreads--they're so fun to work out.

It looks sexy mate!

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys!

Graeme, it took a whole day to pencil it and a whole day to ink it, so yer talking 2 days in total.

Hey Gio, ah if people like the process posts i'm all up for doing them. Maybe just do them for covers.

Bob Byrne said...

I love the slob. In fairness the majority of the infected would be fat women and old people becasue they're less mobile, leaving the world to be repopulated by only strong males with thick juicy arses and