Monday, July 19, 2010


The solicitations for my first issue of THUNDERBOLTS are out. Please do check with your local comic shop to make sure they get a copy in. Since it's likely I'll only ever get to do these 2 issues of a Marvel comic, they'll obviously become collectors items!


Written by JEFF PARKER
The Thunderbolts crossover with Shadowland begins here! Luke Cage heads into Hell’s Kitchen to pull his old friend back from the brink of madness. And if swarming ninjas aren’t enough, he's become aware of other forces that will make his task even harder. Going against the Warden and the government itself, Cage sends the T-Bolts in to level the playing field. But without his direct guidance, will this squad of killers and criminals make the situation even worse? Find out in the book calls "Impressive...not to be missed."
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

[Note: I high-lighed my name there cuz the actual solicitation still lists Kev Walker as the artist]



Fran Johnston said...

I'm guessing they had your name highlighted in red on the actual piece too yeah?

Declan Shalvey said...

Actually, forgot to say, i've a good reason for that...

Unknown said...

Can't wait to get this book. Gonna be an awesome ride.

Stephen Mooney said...

Where's your name in the credi- oh wait, i see it.

Michael Grant Clark said...

I've got my copies on order now. Haven't a clue about Thunderbolts but I'm sure it will be cracking.

So are you getting any time to work on Sweeny Todd now? That must seem like a million years ago since you started on that.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read this.

Who's drawing it,again?
I mess,I mess.I'll order it in Subcity next time I'm in.I really hope this leads to more Marvel work.They seem to be putting out alot darker stuff recently with the likes of Shadowland and that recent Spiderman/Kraven miniseries.
Fingers crossed...