Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Over on Comic Twart this week, we're doing a 'What If Marvel' theme week, where we do mock illustrations of dream projects we would do at Marvel, given the chance. It's no secret I'd love to do Punisher or Daredevil, so I thought a Punisher vs Daredevil Mini would be a cool project. Fellow Twart Nathan Fairbain offered to colour it, so I thought I'd post the black-and-white version here. See the coloured version here.



David Ferguson said...

I'd be bankrupt if I tried to buy every Daredevil piece of yours I liked. I know a Punisher fan who'd love this too. There's a touch of Maalev to it.

JayKent said...

cool but not sure about the "Madness :baggy trousers " on Daredevil, can see what your going for but hmmmmmm not sure