Friday, November 12, 2010


Every now and then I like to ink someone else's work; it stops me from getting too complacent when inking myself. Frequent readers of this blog may know that I predominantly ink with a Pental brush-pen, along with other tools of course. But still, I use the brush-pen a LOT. Recently Jordie Bellaire challenged me to ink with a proper old-school brush. I light-boxed one of her pencil drawings to try it out.

Her brushes were pretty small and rough, which resulted in an interesting line, but some awkward drawing. I lost all the precise lines i get with a brush-pen, but I got some unexpected, rough lines because of it. She also had a rough, busted-up pen, so I was able to get some nice, gritty lines with that. Afterwards, I thought I should bump it up with some greywash, but in retospect i think I should have just left it alone; it worked better without it. See below for Jordie's pencil drawing, and more of her work here.

I'd like to have another try at the drawing with the tools i'm more comfortable with, but the experiment was worth it to open me up more to using a proper brush more.


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