Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Hey folks. Thunderbolts 154, my newest work for Marvel is on stands today. It's a great script by Jeff Parker, and it was a blast to draw. Felt like I was doing an old-style EC comic or something. Got to redesign an old Marvel character too; so that was a blast.

Preview pages can be seen here but i thought i'd put up some better-res versions of the pages, coloured by Frank Martin.

Also, recently did an interview about CAPTAIN AMERICA AND CROSSBONES, which is out in a few short weeks. Check it out here.



Michael Grant Clark said...

I really like the Manthing reveal. Whole thing looks well smart.

Are you getting any time at all for Sweeny Todd, just now?

Declan Shalvey said...

I finished Sweeney Todd! Finished it around Christmas-time. I still have to do the cover, but i hear they're about to start colouring it.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Oh well done, that's why you're able to do work on Marvel stuff and not melt.

Just got the latest Thunderbolts, which was fun. I think it's really smart to see how your work has developed, even since the early 28 Days later. So I'm looking forward to the Captain America and Crossbones.

That drybrush and ink splatter detailing really makes your work stand out.