Thursday, May 05, 2011


Hello there. A four-page Juggernaut story I drew went online this week. Written by Jeff Parker and coloured by Matt Wilson, the 4 pages are part of the online 'The Worthy' series are doing over the next few weeks. It's available for free on the Marvel Comics app, so check it out!

I got a chance to draw some X-Men in this story which was great. Love drawing from Jeff's scripts and was delighted to work with Matt Wilson again, who coloured the Crossbones one-shot I recently worked on.

Inks for the first page below, and Matt's colour below that.

I believe the story will be printed with all the other stories in a collection during the summer.



Ricardo Lopez Ortiz said...

Man, that middle panel of juggernaut's eye is so well drawn!

Love all the delicate and subtle line work in there.

Unknown said...

I've been admiring your Thunderbolts #159 preview. High contrast stuff like that rocks my socks. Fair play to you getting up there and working with the big ones!

Neil Ford said...

So impressive! I enjoy the energy of your work.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks a lot guys! It's only 4 pages, but I was really happy with 'em :)

Jessica; thank you very much. It's really appreciated.