Monday, January 09, 2012


My first published story of 2012 is my final issue of NORTHLANDERS, issue 47, that wraps up the second arc of 'The Icelandic Trilogy'.

Getting to work on this series was an absolute dream. Almost exactly this time last year, Jordie and I were in the National Museum in Dublin, looking at various Viking remains and artifacts when she said I should do an arc on Northlanders. I laughed at her, as the idea of actually being offered such a wonderful project was completely unrealistic to me. Here I am, a year later... with my last issue hitting the stands. Crazy.

Thanks again to Brian Wood and editor Mark Doyle for offering me the story, and to Dave McCaig, who did an absolutely stunning job colouring my work. I've never looked so good and it had nothing to do with me.



Will Sliney said...

Love that first panel

Stephen Mooney said...

Best work of your career to date, methinks. Great run on a tremendous series.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Really smart, glad I have the set. These are the sort of panels you want to frame.

Any big projects coming up? There's no real limit for you now, is there?