Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So the news is out; once the upcoming 'Thunderbolts v Thunderbolts' arc wraps up, THUNDERBOLTS is to become DARK AVENGERS and has a new host of characters being introduced (see above). Jeff Parker has done a fleet of interviews about it all, listed below. We both also talked to CBR, you can read that here.

Really looking forward to getting stuck into this new direction.

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PS. As always, thanks to Jordie for helping me with colouring the above image. That should be how I end all posts.


Stephen Mooney said...

Well, that IS how you end most posts! And long may it continue. Lovely little teaser shots, really looking forward to seeing your take on this book now.

ed said...

awesome! I am especially excited to see Dark Spider-man and Trickshot

Superhilbo! said...

Great character shot and the colours are just brilliant.

ed said...

the more I look at this, the more psyched I am at how Ai Apaec looks. I'd kill for a toy of him. The slightly squinty eyes makes him look so sneaky. Now that it has been cleared up and we know the original Thunderbolts will still be around, I am uber-curious to see what the next year will bring.

Who is this Jordie and does he/she have a page of their work? The coloring is great!

Rod McKie said...

Looks great and sounds exciting. I'm with Ed, the colouring on the teaser is very cool.