Wednesday, April 04, 2012


T-Bolts 172, part one of the 'T-Bolts v T-Bolts' arc is out today. I worked my arse off on this issue and I'm really happy with my work on it. As a special treat, there's also an interview in the issue with T-Bolts creator Kurt Busiek. Even better, I finally got to work with Jordie on a proper body of work at Marvel; she coloured the bulk of this issue and I think it looks fantastic (see above). Hopefully we'll get to do more work together at Marvel. I'd like to see this more....

Lastly, Marvel seem to have gone day-and-date with the Thunderbolts digital releases, so as of this issue I'll have work out on digital platforms regularly on Comixology, so it's never been easier to get a regular shot of Shalvey.

Maybe I should have rephrased that.


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Stephen Mooney said...

Great, great stuff. The art/colours in this one are just excellent. You guys work really well together. Ye must totally be doing it.