Thursday, June 07, 2012


Dark Avengers came out this week. Want to know more about it? Well, Jeff Parker and I did an interview over on As an added bonus, Jeff posted my layouts for the entire issue over on his blog. Check 'em out!

Also, over on it was announcd that I'm contributing to DRACULA WORLD ORDER, a one-shot that's the brainchild of Ian Brill, who was my editor on 28 DAYS LATER. It's out digitally through Comixology next week. More info and lots of great preview art from the book over on Robot 6.

Also last but certainly not least, word finally filtered through that I'm drawing an arc of CONAN, for Dark Horse Comics. I'm delighted to be working again with Brian Wood, and I still can't believe I'm getting an opportunity to work with colourist Dave Stweart.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.



Stephen Mooney said...

Dark Avengers! Conan! Dracula! Jaysis, you really ARE as popular as they say.

Ah but sure 'tis very well-deserved, man. The pages you've been doing lately (especially Conan) are unbelievably good.

Manoj Singh said...

wonderful posting altogether..

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