Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yes indeed, I have TWO new books out today.

First up, CONAN #10. This is the first part of 'The Death'. It's a very different Conan story and I hope you all like it. Got to work with Brian Wood again, which really seems to bring out the best in my artwork. Also, I got to work with the amazing Dave Stewart on colours, which was a dream come true.

Also, VENOM #27, which is the penultimate chapter of the MINIMUM CARNAGE crossover. Got to draw some crazy, crazy stuff in this issue. It's absolutely mental stuff from writer Cullen Bunn. Lee Loughridge on colours did his usual excellent job.

Make sure you pick them BOTH up from your local comic book retailer, or on Comixology.


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Stephen Mooney said...

Not to mention the ridiculously good Massimo Carnivale on the Conan covers! Hot Dog!

Two very fine lookin' comic books.