Friday, April 05, 2013


I keep meaning to post my layouts more often but generally forget to. Here are my layouts for Venom 33, which just came out this week. If you picked up the issue, you can see that the finished artwork pretty much stayed true to these layouts. For those who don't know, I actually lightbox these layouts (drawn 10x7.5cm) onto the Marvel artboard in order to keep all the compostitional elements as close as possible to what I did in the layouts. I spend a couple of days on layouts as that's where I figure out all my storytelling, lettering placements and figure out what reference I'm going to need. It's arguably THE most important process of making a comic, which is why it's also probably the most difficult and rewarding part.


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Unknown said...

Hi Declan,my name is Wesley irizarry mendoza,(in twitter im Wes of PR lol)sooner or later im to start my own independent comic and i needed to know some steps for it, that's why im here to say thanks for posting this man, you're my fave artist of all time bro. One of my goals is too be as good as you, thnks : )