Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Freak Show #2 Pencils

Here's some pencils to an inked page you've seen, and one you haven't. I'm off to Scotland for the weekend, so spending this week on pencils. I find pencilling the hardest stage so i need to be in my studio (/bedroom) to work on them. I can ink pretty much anywhere (aside from on top of a moving train or the like) so i can ink away in Scotland, without having to worry too much about missing out on work.

Changed a few things with the inks here. The perspective on the lamp in the middle of the first panel was a little off, so i fixed it in the inks. Added more black in areas too. Think i messed up the telephone chord in the inks to be honest, but there's no point spending all day trying to fix something. Best to move on and spend your energies on the next piece.

First page where i've had a good, proper take on the Freak Show characters. Since no one has seen me draw them before, it's pretty important early on to clearly establish who they are. Not 100% happy with Jack's hair in 2nd panel, reckon i'll change them in the inks. I think the hearse in the 1st panel is too small now that i take another look at it. Will have to adjust that in Photoshop. No biggie. Really happy with this page overall.



Anonymous said...

hey man, lovin' the freakshow work, was in Sub City during the week,and the bald chappie gave me a free freakshow mini, (I think he was giving them out to everyone, so I didn't feel THAT special), can't wait to see your take on the whole project.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks Science Ninja. Hope you're still growing those flowing locks of yours.
But you ARE that special. Last i heard, issue one will be out next month at the latest, with issue 2 in December. I'll have issue 1 for the Dublin con. Gonna get a table for it, so you'll have somewhere to leave your junk.