Friday, October 27, 2006

New Stuff


Blog was in a mood with me for the last couple of days so i wasn't able to post anything. Wipeout.

i've taken a short break on #2 of Freak Show to do a Freak Show short story. If all goes according to plan, it'll see print around the time #1 or #2 hits the stands. Can't show any of the pages but want to post my favourite panel so far.

Part of the story has got cops in it, so i had to get some decent reference of 1950s cop uniforms and the like. Here's some preliminary sketches.

And also, the clamtastic Bob Byrne, (the deranged mind that brought you Mbleh, the Shiznit and so has been working on a one-shot full colour Freak Show story. He asked to use images of mine for small profiles on the main characters. Of course i had no problem with that. Needed to do another one of Myles cuz the one i had, sucked. Here's the new version.

It doesn't suck, i don't care what you say.



Mike Exner III said...

Ah, when the cop uniform had true meaning with the twirlin' o' the nightstick and the walkin' o' the beat. Everything looks great, Dec. The panel is incredible, and the character sketch is pretty nice too. I'm not sure what the other one looked like, but this one is really good.

Bob Byrne said...

aw shucks. The old cop hats are weird aren't they?