Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dublin City Comic Con 06

Yes indeed, back from the convention in Dublin last weekend. Had a great time. Met a lot of faces both old and new and got a great reception all round, so if you bought a copy of Hero Killers, thanks a lot, and i hope you're happy with your sketch. Even got asked to do an interview (see below). Yes, i know it's a Fisher-Price tape recorder, but i was assured the interview was valid.

I have ONE photo of the convention and i'm upstaged by a kid's toy. Typical.

Big thanks to John Hendrick at The 3rd Place and everyone involved with the convention. Great show. Really lookin forward to next year.

I met up with Ian Whelan and Alan Nolan, creators of Sancho: Twisted tales of horror www.20000-leagues.com at the con, gave them a Sancho pin-up, just wanted to contribute something to an Irish-made book. They liked it so much, they want to use it as their next cover, which of course, i was very flattered by. Here's the pencils and inks. Since the guys want it as a cover, i'll have to colour it.

You can see i kept the pencils quite loose, just laid down the figure, where i wanted my blacks and whatnot. Even the rendering on the wastcoat is pretty loose, usually i have a very clear pencil line that shows where the black ends, but not this time. Wanted to keep it loose, so i could play around with the inks a bit.

.....and the inks. Here i rendered the waistcoat, the nearer zombie and added detail to the headstone in the foreground. I also decided to leave out some of the branches i'd pencilled in, decided it was getting too busy up there, and i was going for a simple-looking image, nothing too fancy.

Well that's it. Really happy with it, especially as the Sancho lads seem to really like it. I'll put up the colours once they're done



Bob Byrne said...

cover looks great! I can see me holding a pint in the background and Poncho there on the right

Will Sliney said...

Oh my god is that the Shiznit guy in the background!!!!

Declan Shalvey said...

You started drinkin before me!? For shame! Didn't see you, but saw Poncho alright. Wish i'd taken more photos. Had the camera with me all night, but never thought of lobbin it out... so to speak