Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Me and my mate Will Sliney over at http://irishcomics.blogspot.com try to meet up every now and then and work on our comics, like working in a studio environment. Here's a Superman/Batman piece we did the summer of last year, and the one we did last week, beside it. Vast improverment.

Won't be posting again till next week. Getting everything ready for the Dublin City Comic Con being held in the Temple Bar Music Centre on Sat 25th. That's this saturday. Many BIG names will be there. See www.irishcoimicshop.com for details. There will also be a host of irish talent, Bob Byrne, creator of Mbleh and the Shiznit, Stephen Mooney(CSI/Angel) and Stephen Thompson(Buckaroo Banzai), who are also the previous Freak Show artists, Alan Nolan of Sancho fame and also .........................well, me. I'll be there too. So come along. I'll have the original art of pretty much all the work you're seen on this blog and more to boot.

Hope to see you there,


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