Sunday, March 04, 2007

Aberdeen BABY!

Yes my friends, i have left the cold, wet shores of my beloved Ireland, for the ...uh, cold, wet shores of Scotland. Still trying to settle into a routine, for setting up the studio and so forth had proceeded to the detriment of my creative output. The main thing is i have a space, net connection, access to materials and a vast amount of comics at my disposal. Aberdeen seems to be a really nice town. Everyone i've met seems pretty sound. People seem to be generally impressed when i say i draw comics here, rather that the "Heh? Watcha taaaakin' abou'?" i get back home.

It's cold. Colder that home, but nothing of arctic proportions. Some scottish accents have bested me, generally the drunker they are the tougher they are to understand. Much like myself i imagine. Haven't explored the city as much as i should have, but i know my way. around the centre, that's a start, i guess.

Things i've learned since coming here:
I do not fall gracefully. I've fallen twice since i got here.
'Shams' are called 'neds' here.
Animals leave a lot of white hair on black clothes.
6 shots of tequila in one night won't kill me.
Girls like my red tie, but my red shoes impress no one save myself.

Waiting for my iMac and scanner to be shipped over. My entire life is on that thing so hopefully it'll arrive in less than two pieces.

Here's some photos:

Asylum Books and Games, underneath which i toil away in my studio.

Inside the shop. Look at all the comics!!!

And all the sculptures!

The Bassment. Other than where i'm sleeping and the shop, this is where i've spent every night since coming here. Yes, it's a pub.

And my studio. Ooooh. Look at the nice chair.

My fancy new lamp, with a stand for a drawing board, minus the drawing board.

My laptop, as i write this very post. Ain't technology grand?

Me working away, doing the very little bit of work i've done since i've got here.

My shadow, in Scotland.

And an unfinished panel, just to prove i've done something.

Well that's me done talking for a while. Go away. Come back later.

Till then, i remain,



Alan Hehir said...

You left? When did you go?

Stephen Mooney said...

Seconded! Did you have yer goin away do? The studio/shop looks ace man!

Will Sliney said...


Anonymous said...

What are shams?

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Toby,
Shams are local scumbags who resort to petty vandalism, theft, and wearin cheap sportsgear

Bridgeen Gillespie said...

Shams, neds, Chavs if you are from England. A Scally if you're from the north... i could go on...

Bridgeen Gillespie said...

p.s hello declan! i wonder if you'll find this comment lurking away in here....